Treasure Oudtshoorn Support Association

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Treasure Oudsthoorn Support Association is a non-profit organisation that is run by concerned individuals that either reside or has moved to other parts of South Africa. TOSA aims to assist with the alleviation and erradication of poverty in the Oudsthoorn and surrounding areas.

Who is TOSA

TOSA endeavors to address the economic hardship that the people of Oudsthoorn and surrounding areas are experiencing through programs and financial aid that:

- Provide potential matriculates, with financial support or bursaries in order to attain recognised qualifications, within South Africa or elsewhere.

- Assist the local community of Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa, with projects, addressing poverty alleviation and skills development.  

- Work in collaboration with other established local organisations that mainly deal with poverty alleviation and educational support.

Concerned economically active individuals from Oudsthoorn and surrounding areas are requested to join TOSA.

Membership campaign

Gratis wiskunde klasse sal aangebied word vir graad 10 to 12 leerlinge van ‘n paar deelnemende skole.

Wiskunde Klasse - 1-3 Julie 2015

An Entrepeneurship training has been arranged b y TOSA through the help and sponsorship of AHI (Afrikaanse Handels Instituut)

Entrepeneurs Training - 6-8 July 2015


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